Please note that cheques will not longer be accepted for payments.


Consultation Costs.
As long as the claim has been approved, ACC will cover the cost of the initial appointments.  If surgery is planned, a separate application for funding is sent to ACC which can usually take two to eight weeks to be processed.

ACC Medical Certificates and Forms.
Should you require an ACC medical certificate, please ensure that you request this from Mr Karpik at the time of your consultation as he is unable to issue these at a later date. Any subsequent medical certificates can be completed by your GP.

If you are completing an ACC request for travel costs form, please ensure that you see reception to get this form stamped before leaving the clinic.

Surgery Costs.
Should you require surgery, we will submit the request for surgery on your behalf to ACC. Please note that ACC's approval process can take 2-8 weeks to complete before a decision is made. Mr Karpik will advise you as soon as we receive a decision from ACC.

ACC Decline Surgery Cover.
If ACC declines to cover your surgery and you do not have private health insurance, there are three options available to you:

  1. Have the ACC decision reviewed.  It is best to discuss this with us to determine if this is worthwhile.
  2. Self-fund your surgery which means you are responsible for paying all the costs associated with the surgery. We can provide an estimate of the costs if needed.
  3. Be referred to your local public hospital to be placed on the waiting list.  We can make the referral if requested.

ACC Injury Reassessment.
Appointments can be made for further reassessment by Mr Karpik for an existing ACC injury provided that your previous appointment for this injury was within the last 12 month period. If that date extends beyond this period, you will be required to provide a new referral.

Southern Cross

Consultation Costs.
Mr Karpik is a Southern Cross Health Society affiliated provider. Depending on your policy, consultation costs will be claimed directly from Southern Cross on your behalf. For some policies, there may be part payment for your treatment.

Surgery Costs.
As an affiliated provider, we can apply for some surgeries on your behalf with Southern Cross. For all other surgical procedures, we will provide you with an estimate for submission to your insurance company. Once your surgery has been approved, please advise us of your approval number. This approval number is valid for appointments up to six weeks post-surgery.

Other Insurance & Self-funding

Consultation Costs.
For all other medical insurers and those who are self-funding, payment is expected at the time of consultation (Eftpos is available. Credit cards not accepted). You will be provided with a receipt for insurance claim purposes.

Surgery Costs.
If you require surgery, we will provide you with an estimate for submission to your insurance company.

If your insurance is covering the cost of your surgery, you must show your prior approval letter to the hospital on admission. Please advise Mr Karpik's rooms of your prior approval number once you receive notification from your insurance company.

If you are self-funding your surgery, a deposit will be required 7 days prior to your surgery.

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