Shoulder Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition where there is damage to or loss of cartilage that causes pain and impacts the ability of your joint to do normal daily functions. Once arthritis becomes severe, surgical intervention may be required. Please discuss your options will Mr Kevin Karpik.

Shoulder Instability

Shoulder instability is when the shoulder joint dislocates. This usually occurs from a sporting or impact injury.

Rotator Cuff

Attached around your shoulder joint, is a group of tendons known as your rotator cuff. These tendons help with stabilisation and movement of your shoulder. When damaged or torn, you can experience pain and weakness in your shoulder.

Frozen Shoulder

With a frozen shoulder, the capsule of your shoulder joint becomes inflamed and painful. This leads to stiffness and loss in motion in the joint. The cause of frozen shoulders are not completely understood.


Injuries to the clavicle occur from impact such as a car crash or during contact sport. Injuries can either be to the bone or the surrounding soft tissue. Fractures in the clavicle bone require surgical treatment, as do tears in the surrounding ligaments.

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